Abu Sahmain says his presidential candidacy rejection isn't right

Abu Sahmain says his presidential candidacy rejection isn't right

November 28, 2021 - 19:35
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of Ya Biladi Party Nuri Abu Sahmain said the rejection of his presidential candidacy isn't right and that is why he had lodged appeals at the court against the High National Elections Commission's (HNEC) decision.

Abu Sahmain told Arabi 21 website that if he was disqualified from the presidential race, the members of Ya Biladi Party are going to continue with their candidacy for parliamentary elections to be part of the upcoming government.

He also said that the candidates mustn't be part of actions that led to the killing of Libyans, a leader of coups against legitimacy, a subject of a criminal warrant from inside or outside Libya or a person who believes in war and destruction as a way to seize power.

"There is fragmentation in Libya led by political parties that have been part of the political process since 2015 in disregard of judicial rulings and gave way for criminals and rebels to be in complete impunity. The indicators now for this election after all logistical issues and contradictory legislations are not a good omen." Abu Sahmain added.