Ministers of Bashagha government deny submitting their resignations

Ministers of Bashagha government deny submitting their resignations

July 16, 2022 - 21:24
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Members of Bashagha government have denied submitting their resignations.

Hafez Kaddour, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the parralle government of Fathi Bashagha denied “rumors” that he submitted his resignation.

In a statement, Kaddour said, "I am proud of my choice of this position and the confidence of the House of Representatives and of working within the national ministerial team headed by Libyan Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha, and I will not retreat from my clear patriotic position or abandon my duty to serve Libya."

Ahmid Houma, Minister of Defense in the government of Fathi Pashaga, also denied the “rumors” about his resignation, confirming that he continues to work as Minister of Defense.

Social media platforms circulated news about resignations in the parallel government after the announcement of the lifting of force majeure on the oil sector and Farhat Bengadara assuming the position of Chairman of the National Oil Corporation, because these matters, according to observers, insinuate a secret agreement between Dabaiba and warlord Haftar, which threatens the chances of resilience of the Bashaga government, if it loses its key and sole support, which is Haftar.